Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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StudioXperience is Coming to Paramount Studios

VR On The Lot, October 13 - 14, 2016

StudioXperience will be traveling to Hollywood where our broadcast studio powered by HP Z Workstations with Intel Xeon processors will be host to a range of media professionals as we explore opportunities for leveraging VR and AR technology in the entertainment industry. The two-day conference is organized by the VR Society which is part of the Advanced Imaging Society.

Rock On!

StudioXperience will be in Denver Colorado for HP’s Rock On event November 8th – 10th. During this event we’ll be showcasing our broadcast workflow and providing attendees with a great “hands-on” experience. At Rock On,  attendees will also get a ‘first-look” at many of the newest solutions we’ll be integrating into Studioxperience as we drive forward towards 2017.

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StudioXperience NAB Show Highlights

StudioXperience Rankings from NAB Show for 2016

  • Overall Ranking #12 out of 1,844 exhibitors
  • “Online Video” #2 out of 141
  • “Streaming/Webcasting” #4 out of 190
  • “Video/Content Servers/Video Processing” #7 out of 202
  • “Workflow Software and Solutions” #4 of 264
  • “Post-Production-Motion Graphics” #1 of 38
  • “Post-Production-Animation and VFX” #2 of 60
  • “Acquisition and Production – Cameras and Lenses” #3 of 181
  • “Acquisition and Production – Motion Picture / Film Production” #4 of 182

2016 NAB Show StudioXperience Details

  • More than 25 companies showcased 46 different solutions in StudioXperience at NAB Show including technology giants HP, Intel, AMD, Dell and NVIDIA
  • StudioXperince hosted more than 15,000 of the NAB Show attendees this year and generated more than 3,500 leads
  • Our Live Broadcast from NAB Show included more than 30 long-format interviews with industry leaders
  • LaCie leveraged StudioXperience and our live broadcast to reach a global audience for launching new products at NAB Show
  • StudioXperience is located in a 4,900 sq. ft. booth near the entrance to the South Lower Hall

StudioXperience Student Intern Program at NAB Show

  • The Broadcast Education Association (BEA) partnered with Waskul.TV to reach out to students at more than 200 BEA member colleges and universities for this year’s competition
  • This year HP and NVIDIA helped fund the program and were featured as corporate sponsors of the program
  • The competition for admission to the program was rigorous requiring students to submit skills assessments, video samples, essays and letters of recommendation
  • This year 9 students were selected for the program
  • During the program the students worked with state-of-the-art solutions as full members of the Waskul.TV production team and they also had on-camera opportunities featuring them in the live broadcast

StudioXperience Guests to Experience
Exciting New Workflows and
Production Capabilities for 2017

Waskul.TV is collaborating with our partners right now to finalize the solutions that you’ll encounter in the StudioXperience Broadcast Studio during 2017 appearances.

Once the solutions are finalized, we’ll share the details with you in a series of special videos and articles taking you through each step we’ve taken with our partners  to make the StudioXperience Broadcast Studio a world-class production and live performance environment.

Below you’ll find some of the areas we’re exploring.

New Routing, Monitoring and Viewing Capabilities Coming Soon!

As a technology showcase, StudioXperience utilizes a range of formats in its production and distribution workflows. So, flexibility and ease of routing and viewing content is critical to our operations just as it is for the largest broadcasters.

For 2017, we’re looking at routing, monitoring and multi-viewing solutions that deal with a range of data streams from basic 3G SDI signals and 12G UHD to HDR and IP-based UHD, AES and MADI. Equally important is the ability to mix connections allowing simultaneous use of copper, coax and fiber connections.

On the multiviewer side, 4K UHD source support and 4K output screen support with on screen status and alarms are important features we’ll be looking for. Viewing will be on large 4K displays so the solutions we’ll showcase will need to natively drive 4K screens.

Powerful Real-Time Graphics Generation

Currently the StudioXperience production workflow utilizes Adobe After Effects running on powerful HP Z Workstations for creating the graphics utilized in our productions. While the creative possibilities are amazing with this workflow, we’ll be looking to our partners for options that can simplify the production workflow by allowing for real-time graphics creation that can be seamlessly integrated into the live production workflow.

Full 4K SDI and IP Switching Capabilities

For 2017 we’re working with our partners to bring new production switching capabilities to StudioXperience. One key feature will be the ability to work simultaneously in most standards including 1080p, UHD and IP with 3G SDI, 12G UHD, Fiber and IP in/outputs. Additionally we’ll be striving for seamless integration with other key areas in our 2017 workflow with an overall focus on extending the creative possibilities for bringing viewers a more immersive experience.

Advanced Playout and Workflow Automation

In 2017, Waskul.TV will be evolving our IP-based services to include at least one IP-based channel with 24/7 linear content. To help deliver this experience for our viewers, StudioXperience will integrate an advanced playout solution into the StudioXperience workflow.

In addition to playout capabilities the solution will power additional key areas like centralized ingest, quality control, transcoding, content management and more.

UHD Encoding, Transcoding and IP Delivery

Extending StudioXperience capabilities to deliver adaptive bitrate streaming and VOD content to viewers on any screen across the globe is another challenge we’ll be taking on in 2017.  We’re looking closely at encoding, transcoding and content delivery solutions now with our partners to find the right solutions that will power an exception experience for Waskul.TV viewers across any IP network.

4K Broadcast Camera Solutions

StudioXperience has showcased a range of 4K UHD camera solutions over the last few years. For 2017, we’re working to standardize all appearances on a single camera platform that will provide the highest possible image quality and clarity.

This will allow us to maximize the effectiveness of our efforts and to deliver a consistent workflow story to audiences moving forward.